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Nelson the bull terrier gained notoriety in late 2018 when his image went viral across the web. Nicknamed “Walter” by Reddit meme communities, Nelson’s face has brought countless smiles to people around the world.

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FAQ Nelson

Q: Why is Nelson called “Walter”?
A: When Nelson’s photo when viral, his identity was left behind. Reddit users combined Nelson’s image with another popular meme at the time, and he became forever known as the "Walter" meme dog. (No, Nelson doesn’t mind which name you use.)
Q: What kind of dog is Nelson?
A: Nelson is a bull terrier.
Fun fact: His full AKC name is Nelson Nard Dog.
Q: How big is Nelson?
A: Smaller than you might think. He weighs around 50 pounds (22.6 kg), making him pretty petite for a standard bullie. Most of that weight is hard-packed muscle, though! He’s a tank.
Q: How old is Nelson?
A: He was born on July 15, 2017 in a family home near Houston, TX. Much love to his sweet mother, Luna, who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. ♡

Q: Who takes care of Nelson?
A: Nelson's human mom is named Victoria. She's a writer and editor based in Texas. You can keep up with her on Twitter at @byVictoriaLeigh.
Q: Does Nelson have any siblings?
A: Nelson shares his home with a tuxedo cat named Baxter, a one-eyed tortie cat named Pippa, and two leopard geckos named Sue and Trix.
Q: I want a bull terrier. Where can I get one?
A: There are several breed-specific bull terrier rescues across the U.S. They pull bull terriers from shelters, take in those who can no longer stay with their current owners, and find them forever homes.
Consider reaching out to the Rescue and Welfare Trust Fund of the Bull Terrier Club of America, Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue, Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue, or Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Rescue.Never buy a puppy from a pet store or Craigslist. Many reputable breeders list litters on the AKC marketplace. Follow these tips to avoid backyard breeders and puppy mills.Most important of all, before getting a bull terrier, make sure to do your homework to determine if they're the right breed for you. Bullies need a lot of attention, mental stimulation, and physical exercise. Basic obedience training is a must. They have a high prey drive, lots of energy, rambunctious personalities, and in some cases, may not be safe to keep around small pets, young children, or the elderly. Bullies commonly have allergies and chronic skin issues, which can require extensive care, special diets, and/or medication over the course of their life.

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NOMINEE: Social Animals - 28th Annual Webby Awards (2024)

NOMINEE: Pet Influencer of the Year - American Influencer Awards (2021)

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